High impact presentation & communication skills training, consultancy and support Nationally and Internationally

HSBC logo“Winning Presentations have helped us find another gear to drive our pitching forwards, nobody else provides the same blend of genuine analysis, real time feedback and insightful learning. We’ve achieved a step change in our impact at pitch and the wins are coming through”.

P.B FIA Partner Hymans Robertson LLP

Winning Presentations will help you develop:

Resounding Propositions:

Providing guidance based on actual client research and analysis.

Defining your REAL Differentiators (they may not be what you think they are!).

Understanding your clients' 5 stage buying process.

Brainstorming your sales propositions.

Strengthening and testing your
“Case for Appointment".

Client research and audience analysis

Compelling Presentations:

Applying best practice research findings.

Selecting the most appropriate strategy for the particular event.

Using a Storyboarding process to build and prove your arguments.

Using proven communication techniques to make your content relevant and memorable.

Opening with impact to control agendas.

Developing visuals and materials to meet your client audiences' preferences.

Using questions as an opportunity to reinforce your arguments.

Providing mentoring and rehearsal on a personal or event driven basis.

Inspiring Personalities:

Coaching to develop your impact both as individuals and as teams.

Working on your intangible qualities that can help you "Win It".

Building your presentation confidence.

Honing your delivery skills to Inspire, Persuade, Influence.

Providing video feedback on your own communication style and body language.

Dealing with questions confidently.

Taking control of the event.

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Winning Presentations

"Providing you with researched, globally proven skills, tactics, strategies, tools and materials to deliver inspiring, business winning presentations anywhere in the world."

Winning Presentations is an international communications company providing research-based presentation skills
improvement services to small and large clients in diverse industries for more than 25 years.

Founded by David Gilgrist, and headquartered in London and Hong Kong, Winning Presentations supports clients
with a team of 17 professional consultants, each of whom is accomplished at working clients on an individual
and team basis, at shareholder, board, executive and senior management levels.

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