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"Without a plan for your customer relationships you can only react. If you are only reacting you are not in control."


A practically focused series of  modules that provide tried and tested support to those with the key responsibility of growing the size and / or profitability of existing customer accounts. Over one or two days participants are taken through a proven step by step Account Management methodology using the most up to date skills and techniques.


Individual training modules focus on the following core areas:


  • Understanding the role that ‘Change’ plays in customer relationship management
  • Foundation Account Management skills
  • Uncovering opportunity
  • Working with the customer to make it happen


This suite of training programmes combines the best of psychology, behavioural science and skill to take the attendee to the next level of success.  The  modules support account managers  in navigating  through  the account development and planning process to ensure that no opportunity to cross sell, build loyalty and grow revenue is lost.


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